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1)  Empowering Sellers

You decide what and when to sell to Laurel Wreath Acquisitions.  We do not see ourselves as salespeople, we see ourselves as financial improvement specialists and above all else, problem solvers.  For most lenders and creditors, the best time to sell is at charge-off (write-off), after an account has been worked in-house and the balance has been written down to zero.  Some businesses realized the financial gains they could achieve by eliminating collections altogether.  Other companies choose to sell all their charge-offs to us.  Lastly, some determine the portfolio of assets they are interested in selling by asset class, age or balance.

3 things you should look for

The top 3 considerations when choosing to work with a receivables management company. 

6 factors that increase portfolio price

A certain percentage of accounts will become uncollectable.  How much are they worth?

We acquire portfolios of assets from credit originators, including but not limited to:

Asset classes:

2)  Streamlined Process

We have streamlined the selling process for you.  We only ask for basic information on the portfolio of accounts you are selling, evaluate, make you an offer.  It's that simple.  We will show you how you can be financially better off by using our service.  Laurel Wreath Acquisitions is here to lend a guiding hand on a one-off sale or forward-flow basis, where you regularly sell us non-performing assets at a pre-approved price.  Agreements in forward-flow relationships are generally handled online and close even faster, with payment wired in as little as 24 hours.

3)  Your Benefits

The key reason creditors sell non-performing accounts to Laurel Wreath Acquisitions is for an immediate cash infusion.  Being able to unlock your dead accounts and convert them to cash creates an opportunity for your business.  Other advantages include having staff focus on more important workloads.  Also, by selling on a forward-flow basis you will be able to determine in advance what you will make based on your company's historical charge-off numbers.

Questions to Ask Yourself

During these uncertain times, one thing is certain:  You will see a flood of defaults coming down the line.

Your Problem is Bad Debt

On Accounts That Will Never Pay, Why Continue to...

Your Dilemma

On Accounts That Will Never Pay, Why Continue to...

Your Solution

Sell Your Debt

Laurel Wreath Acquisitions lets you get back to work by buying Judgements, Charge-offs and other bad debt.

Reap the Benefits of Partnering with Laurel Wreath Acquisitions

Instant Cash Infusion

Selling non-performing accounts is a reliable solution that generates immediate infusion for the creditor.  Instead of trapping working capital in accounts receivable, selling accounts provides immediate funds for otherwise distressed or dormant assets.  This can be helpful for companies with insufficient reserves and those experiencing a period of fast expansion.  By converting accounts receivables into cash, sellers can fuel growth opportunities, enhance marketing strategies, strengthen infrastructure or cover costs of short term liabilities.

Mitigate Risks Associated with Debt Collection

Creditors that use collection agencies and law firms to collect their outstanding accounts are responsible for overseeing those vendors.  Policies and Procedures are needed to optimize the use of third-party debt collection service providers and to protect against risks associated with the debt collection process.  By selling accounts to a qualified investor, creditors can receive immediate cash flow and reduce the risks associated with debt collection.

Grow Customer Relationships

When an account falls into delinquency, the creditor entrusts debt collectors to recover monies owed.   On the other hand, by selling distressed accounts, the original creditor is no longer responsible for collecting on unpaid funds nor accountable for contacting the customer.  By separating the relationship between the creditor and the debt collection process.  When the customer regains their financial wellbeing, creditors can benefit from the increased opportunity for future lending relationships with the same customer.

Calculable Cash Flow

In this unpredictable economy, Delinquent and charged-off accounts receivables are problematic to predict.  The cash injection generated from these distressed accounts through the debt collection process is sporadic and difficult to anticipate with accuracy.  By selling distressed accounts at a pre-defined time in their lifecycle, creditors are able to more accurately foresee the timing of the cash injection, in contrast otherwise unstable returns from collection agencies.  This in turn enables the creditor to run their business more efficiently.

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