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Can you turn debt into a profit?  Yes you can, by partnering with Laurel Wreath Acquisitions.

Founded in 2017, Laurel Wreath Acquisitions (LWA) is a Receivables Management company that specializes in helping businesses by relieving them from their headaches of delinquent and distressed accounts.  By selling charged-off debt, creditors can focus on their primary business.  The sale of debt supplies immediate cash infusion for reinvestment, expansion or to meet corporate goals.  LWA purchases all types of consumer and commercial debt from early charge-offs to dormant judgments.  If you need an immediate cash influx, we can turn your distressed receivables into liquid capital by selling your debt.  We bring certainty during uncertain times.

What We Do

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Are you interested in selling your debt?  Well, if you are with a credit union, bank, auto finance company or extend credit to a consumer or business, the Laurel Wreath Acquisitions team is here to answer your questions and get you on your way.  Contact us at 860.200.8495.  We will provide a free, no-obligation consultation on the portfolio of assets you are selling.

1) Revolutionize Debt

We purchase non-performing accounts from credit unions, banks, retail installment contracts and judgments.  We purchase loans, judgments, equipment leases and promissory notes.  We purchase from early charge off to dormant judgments.

2) Speed

We make selling portfolios easy, send us your account information and we will get back to you shortly.  It’s that simple.  We can fund deals in as little as 24 hours.

3) Aggressive Pricing

Our pricing is competitive.  Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with you.  We offer prices that mirror the assets’ fair market value.

4) Benefits

Gain immediate cash at closing for distressed consumer accounts that you sell to Laurel Wreath Acquisitions.  Your staff can focus on what matters most.  Let us show you how a comprehensive charge-off strategy can protect you from rising defaults by predicting cash recoveries.

5) Why you should work with Laurel Wreath Acquisitions

Since our founding, Laurel Wreath Acquisitions has become a trusted buyer of non-performing consumer and commercial accounts.  We take a consultative approach and ask specific questions to learn more about your business.  We listen carefully and work with you to help solve your problems as it relates to non-performing accounts.  Our goal is to establish long-term relationships.  As a result, you can achieve more of your business goals.

Is your business saddled with delinquent accounts?

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